Crazy mint lemonade

Ten years ago, I worked as barista in a local coffee shop – unfortunately it doesn’t exist anymore – there are only my memories about this place, and a lot of photos, from all those parties we had, when the bosses were gone , ha ha ha ; aaanyway, as they had lesser experience than I had with mixing drinks, and making coffees and cocktails and others  they would just allow me to test and introduce new products to our drink menus every time I felt like it.  This is how I discovered how receptive people are when it comes to such a simple drink like lemonade. That’s iiiiif you make it right. Because yeah, with too much of this or too little of that , and you serve a yucky drink to your dear ones  , and the gods of lemonade will see you ,  punish you and you will be forever banished from the Land of the Eternal Lemontree !!! You have been warned :  Don’t serve yucky lemonade, ha ha.

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So back to my coffee shop : I had a lot of time on my hands , as I spent there 3 summers : I always had some lemons around , of course, since we were serving drinks : cocktails, ice-teas, mocktails ; I always had some mint leaves around , honey too and with these three,  baaaam : super cool , refreshing and tasty lemonade. It quickly grew into one of the most beloved product we served in that place. We had people coming there just for this lemonade. Very nice way to inflate my ego, haha

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Honey is the key ingredient for this drink, if you plan to use sugar instead , it’s no more point in making it. In the coffee place I just mentioned, I experimented making all sorts of drinks with all sorts of sweeteners and I always go back to honey for mint lemonade or any kind of lemonade. Why? It’s healthier and enhances the flavor of the drink to divine notes. Sugar does not. Sometimes I use  natural fruit purees to sweeten my  lemos  but never sugar. Also honey does add a plus of vitamins that sugar doesn’t.

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It won’t really matter if you use plain or sparkling water, it’s  delicious both ways, but it will matter if you use water that hasn’t been chilled : room temperature water makes your wonder drink yucky and also dilutes the ice cubes; ice cubes diluted will change the taste of the drink : use chilled water , for lemonades, always.

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Why I like this drink and why I recommend it :


– it’s super easy and fast to make

-it’s refreshing

– tasty

– great aid for smokers ( looots of antioxidants in all of the key ingredients for this drink, you can do your own research to see the benefits of lemons or honey)

– it’s  awesome if you make for friends and parties ; speaking of parties, if you slip in some rum or any kind of liquor , you’ll have a very nice cocktail to enjoy

– it’s healthy : lemon , honey , mint , help detoxify your body from a lot of big bad toxins , and they also add lots of vitamins and antioxidants to your precious organism.

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So,  anyway, you may wonder why is this drink …. crazy ? Well, in my opinion, any drink that can be tasty and healthy at the same time , must be crazy !!   Cheap too ? Oh boy, oh boy ……  Now there you go :


Crazy mint lemonade 

Try and share this refreshing , healthy, delicious drink every time you have friends over


Servings : 1

Duration : 5 -7 min

Course : drink

Keywords : mint, lemon, refreshing, healthy , honey

Calories : 12 kcal

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      Ingredients :

-4-5 tbsp of honey

-juice from 1/2 lemon

-300 ml cold water ( even sparkling)

-mint leaves – a bunch

-3-4 ice cubes / works with crushed ice also

-few lemon slices and more mint leaves for decor

         Method :

1.Squeeze half of a lemon, pour the juice in your glass

2.Add honey and mix well

3.Add mint leaves as many as you wish : the more mint leaves , the stronger the flavor

4.Pour water over

5.Mix again and then add ice cubes

6.Decorate with more mint leaves and lemon slices

7.Easy – peasy , right ? Enjoy !

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