Crepes with chia seeds and raspberry jam

Or any kind of jam, I just particularly like raspberries.

I made this post thinking there may be others out there not knowing what to do with that old fruit jam from the storage. Have some with crepes : they’re yummy, fast and easy to make, full of carbs ,really cheap and most of all, crepes can be done so faaaaast. 

bake bowl breakfast cake
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If I’m in a hurry, I can have my batter done in under 4 minutes ! – of course, by hand , without using any electrical device. Really  !! On my pinky !! What?  seems unreal ? Well, practice my dears , years of practice  ….. How? When ? Well…. every time I go visit my mom , I find a jam jar in my purse, when I get home , ha ha. She knows I won’t accept yet another one , so she feels the need to gently slip it in my bags, yep . I bet that happens to you too ; you know….. moooms ….  So after some time , having 236 new jars in my storage  I had to make pancakes or crepes pretty often …. 

close up of food in plate
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Crepes have a very similar batter to american fluffy pancakes , main difference is with crepes you don’t use any kind of raising agent and they come in flat size.

For this recipe you can use any kind of jam, or jelly , or marmelade, grandma’s preserves , or anything fruity in a jar.

Crepes batter can be done in more than 1 way : either with a whisk- this is my favorite , a kitchen mixer, in a blender or with a fork ; and if you get a sugar stroke and you want crepes noooooow and there’s no kitchen tools around at all , make ’em with your bare hands, just make ’em  !!  (hih, i’m joking ) 

Serious note : I am afraid you must use a non-stick pan ; if your pan sticks , there will be no crepes to eat : it doesn’t have to be a special crepes pan, just non – stick one.    

Why with chia seeds ? I personally like the crunch that it adds to the final result. And also, chia seeds are categorised as a superfood , so I’m thinking …. some healthy ingredient? Yes, please !!

batch blur chia close up
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And speaking of our seeds,remember chia absorbs the liquid from the batter and make it thick. The batter should be runny, like a yogurt. If the batter is too thick, the crepes will get very hard to fold, and also …. you’re getting dangerously close to making pancakes instead, lol  


Fast and easy to make, try this most delicious , very popular , european dessert 


500 ml milk

1 piece butter or 50 ml vegetable oil

2 tsp sugar – optional

stick vanilla- works with essence too

pinch of salt

2 eggs

300 g flour

3 tsp chia seeds

cream – optional

fried food besides fillings
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In a bowl, mix together , all of the batter ingredients and whisk until smooth, making sure there are no lumps left.

Add the chia seeds and mix them in ; set batter aside to let the seeds soak for few minutes , at least

When chia seeds are soaked :

Spray with vegetable oil a non-stick pan and let heat

When the pan gets hot (2 min) , pour in some batter, as much as to cover the base *; with circular hand movement, just coat bottom of pan, into a slim layer (*whole batter should be enough for 15 crepes)

Let cook for 3-4 min , or until brown , on a low-medium heat

Turn the crepe on the opposite side, using a spatula

Let cook for another couple of minutes or until brown

Place the crepe on a plate

Repeat with the remaining batter

This step is optional, but covering them with foil or another plate, will keep them warm for longer; and I like mine warm as long as possible, although they can be reheated anytime, in microwave or in a pan.  

Fill the inside with 2 tsp of raspberry jam and fold the pancake.

Totally optional : Decorate with some more jam, with powder sugar and cream.

Serve ! 



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